MONSTROCARDS is a casual card game in which players quickly create their own cards and pit them against other players' cards in a series of duels. Because you don't have much time to create your deck, what comes out is often weird, sometimes creepy, and usually hilarious.

You can buy the game on Amazon, or you can download and make your own game of MONSTROCARDS!

Seriously. Download, print out, cut up, and play MONSTROCARDS

Download the MONSTROCARDS KIT here.

Download blank cards for MONSTROCARDS (or just use index cards!)



Combine cards from the two decks to create weird, silly prompts.



Based off the prompts, time to draw and create your MONSTROCARDS!



Pit your MONSTROCARDS against other players MONSTROCARDS! Advocate for your cards and get other players to pick yours.